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Thread: For Those With Windows Update Problems

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    For Those With Windows Update Problems

    Taken from Fred Langa's Langalist

    Microsoft Makes Windows Update Site Nonfunctional

    Microsoft has recently updated their Windows Update Site and in the process has made it unavailable to thousands of XP users. This bug seems to effect those XP users who have a broadband connection or users who are behind a corporate network. When connecting to Windows Update from the start menu the following error message is given.

    "Thank you for your interest in Windows Update.
    Windows Update is the online extension of Windows that helps you get the most out of your computer.
    The latest version of Windows Update is only available on computers that are running Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP. "

    Microsoft again has kept this problem quiet while trying to develop a fix for a problem they have created. However, they do have a work around with further options if needed.

    First, lets clear out the temporary storage locations.

    1. Click on Start, then Control Panel. Double-click on Internet Options

    2. On the General tab, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click on
    Delete Files. Check the box to 'Delete all Offline Content' and click OK.

    3. Close the Internet Options window.

    Next, we need to clear out the Windows Update folder.

    1. Click on Start, then My Computer. (Or on Windows 2000 machines, just open the desktop icon)

    2. Open the C drive

    3. Open the Program Files folder

    4. Open the WindowsUpdate folder

    5. Delete everything you find in this folder, including subfolders.

    6. Close this window

    Next, we need to check the WUTemp folder.

    1. Click on Start, then My Computer

    2. Open the C drive

    3. Delete the WUTemp folder and all of its contents.

    And lastly, we need to remove the current control files on your machine.

    1. Click on Start, then Run.

    2. Type in 'regsvr32 iuctl.dll /u' (without the quotes) and click OK.

    You should get a successful message, click OK on that as well.

    3. Click on Start, then Search, then choose All Files and Folders.

    4. Click on Advanced Options, and check the first three boxes listed there.

    5. Type in the file name IUCTL.DLL and click Search Now. Delete every copy of this file that you find.

    6. Run the search again for the file IUENGINE.DLL. Again, delete every copy of this file you find.

    Once all of this has been completed, try the Windows Update Site again.

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    Great find conan,
    Thanks for the heads up, even though this issue does not directly apply to me.

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