one of our servers died last week. It just refused to boot (Ntoskrnl.exe not found or corrupt, please re-install a copy)
Anyhow, we got the expert in (which didn't know much) and he tried to install a parallel copy. The first one failed. The second one too, but after runing 2K console to look at the hard drive (all stuff was visible there) the second parallel instalation worked.
A little background on the hardware: It is using SCSI with RAID 5. There are 4 partitions, C; D; E; F with a total of 26GB
Now, the second parallel instalation works, but it cannot access D and F. I run getdataback NT and I got it almost all (just 30 files out of 1300 didn't recover). The problem seems to be the original instalation cannot access its system32 folder
My guess is that there is a problem (probably corrupt) with the directory listing or MBTR.
What do you guys think?
Anyway to fix it? so it goes back to original form?