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Thread: Windows 2000 - Browsing Problems

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    Question Windows 2000 - Browsing Problems

    I have a weird problem with my PC. When I browse the pages on the web it will only display the page that I went directly by typing the URL in the address window, but if I use the links of the page then none of the graphics - java scrips are shown on the navigated page? If I copy the URL from the address field and open new browser and paste that URL I will have no problems viewing the page. I'm using cable modem and my IP is generated automatically. But I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Afterall I do navigate to the page it doesn' t display properly. Does anyone knows what is the problem? I checked the logs and the errors are as follows:
    1) The IP address lease for the Network Card has been denied by the DHCP server.
    2) The Sfotware Cinemaster NT 4.0 Driver service failed to start....
    What should I do.

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    Steps I would take Irishka:

    1) adware scan
    2) virus scan
    3) try resetting browser to defaults
    4) try uninstalling any recent software that you have installed like firewalls, toolbars, media players and so on..
    5) try reinstalling Java?
    6) try an alternate browser like mozilla, firefox, opera, or netscape. I prefer firefox (thanks Lynch)..

    As for the Software Cinemaster NT 4.0 Driver service error:

    Help startup a freinds new pc with xp and ATI video card. After installing the software and drivers found the same error. During research on the internet found what appears to be a relationship between Cinemaster and ATI. Believe the error is created because of registry entries for this driver. The registry points to \systemroot\system32\drivers\cinemaster.sys. This does not exist on his machine, hence the error. It is for NT4.0. Believe that this may be an error on the install CD. Attempted to delete about ten of these registry subkeys and found that we could only delete two of them. The others would not allow it even though we changed the permission to administrator. Decided for now to disable them. Put the deleted entries back. We went to hkey_local_machine\system\controlset001\services\cinemsup. Changed errorcontrol reg_dword from a 1 to 0. This then changes error control from normal to ignore. Also, changed the start reg_dword from 2 to 4. This changes the start from auto to disabled. Did this in controlset002 also. The result was no more event errors. Hope this helps.

    I believe that all it means is that
    you need to install Sonic CinePlayer for your Pioneer DVD player. That is all I
    had to do fix the problem(or if it is installed, uninstall it and reinstall it).

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