Instagram extends Reels up to 60 seconds, adds captions stickers

Jul 29, 2021 - 11:30 AM - by Reverend
As of Tuesday, Instagram Reels can be up to a minute long, after previously being limited to 30 seconds. The Facebook-owned photo and video sharing platform unveiled the change by way of its Twitter account.

It also added a captions sticker within Reels, which converts audio into text-based captions so you can watch Reels content with sound off. It's available in a few English-speaking countries, and Instagram plans to expand the feature to additional countries and languages soon.

Earlier this month, TikTok extended its videos to up to three minutes. Instagram's news is also good for TikTok users who want to post longer TikTok videos on their Instagram accounts with Reels.

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AMD Ryzen Zen 4 CPUs and Radeon RX RDNA 3 GPUs Coming in 2022

Jul 29, 2021 - 11:28 AM - by Reverend
AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirmed that its next-generation Ryzen Zen 4 CPUs and Radeon RX RDNA 3 GPUs are on track to launch in 2022 during her Q2 2021 investor call.

Zen 4 and RDNA 3 core architectures will form the basis for next-generation processors and graphics cards from AMD. Ryzen and Radeon products will be powered by these two IPs in 2022, which means AMD will have another great year of high-performance products. Two new Ryzen families will be available for desktop PCs in 2022, one based on Zen 3 with 3D V-Cache and the other based on Zen 4 (Raphael).

AMD's next-generation Radeon RX (7000) series, will be the industry's first gaming chip to feature an MCM (multi-chip module) architecture. As a result of the supply restrictions, AMD claims that they'll last until 2021, after which they'll ease up. AMD, on the other hand, believes that it will be able to grow substantially in the second half of next year. AMD also noted that it has initially started shipments of its Instinct MI200 accelerator based on the next-generation CDNA 2 architecture.

Ryzen 5000 desktop CPUs based on Zen 3 will be replaced by Raphael-based CPUs. These CPUs will be based on the Zen 4 5nm core architecture and will feature chiplet I/O arrays that are 6nm in size. According to AMD, its next-generation mainstream desktop CPUs will have more cores, up from the current maximum of 16 cores and 32 threads.

Navi 31 is said to have more than 15,000 shading cores, and a 3x performance increase over the Big Navi 21 GPU. The Radeon RX AMD RDNA 3 'Navi 3' GPU line of graphics cards will compete with NVIDIA's Ada Lovelace line of GPUs.

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Tom Clancy’s XDefiant Announced

Jul 20, 2021 - 10:09 PM - by Reverend
Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is a free-to-play multiplayer competitive shooter coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Ubisoft Connect, Luna, and Stadia, with full cross-play available at launch. XDefiant brings together multiple Clancy franchises to form a roster of customizable characters, known as Defiants, for players to choose from. At launch, XDefiant will feature four factions: the Wolves (Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon), Echelon (Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell), and the Outcasts and Cleaners (Tom Clancy’s The Division). Matches will take place across a variety of maps featuring 6v6 arena battles and objective-based game modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Escort.

Defiants can be personalized to match playstyles; when a round begins, players can choose a faction with unique traits, abilities and ultra before arming their Defiant with primary and secondary weapons, attachments, and a device to complete their loadout. Loadouts can be altered while respawning, so players can adapt to what their enemies is doing and try to gain the upper hand.

While abilities, traits, and ultras can provide useful advantages against your competition, there’s no replacement for solid shooting skills, and the team at Ubisoft San Francisco, led by Executive Producer Mark Rubin and Creative Director Jason Schroeder, are making sure that XDefiant’s gameplay is focused first and foremost on gunplay.

Those looking to play the game as soon as possible can register now at for a chance to play early. PC players in the US and Canada will have their first opportunity on August 5, while tests in other regions will roll out afterwards.

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YouTube adds money-making feature to attract creators

Jul 20, 2021 - 9:55 PM - by Reverend
YouTube on Tuesday launched a new way for video creators to earn money from fans through a feature called Super Thanks, as the Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) streaming service looks to attract more content makers.

The feature, a fourth way for YouTubers to earn money from their viewers, comes as competing platforms like short-form video app TikTok and Facebook's Instagram are investing heavily to court creators filming viral videos.

Fans can purchase Super Thanks at four price points, from $2 to $50, as a way to express gratitude and support their favorite YouTube channels, the company said in a statement.

After a purchase on a video page, a highlighted comment will appear in the comment section, allowing the creator to respond to the fan's gift with a comment.

The feature is available to thousands of creators in 68 countries, and will expand to all eligible creators in YouTube's partner program.

Fans have been able to pay for exclusive content through channel memberships. Viewers on a livestreamed YouTube video can also pay for Super Chats to pin their comments to the top of the comment section.

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Instagram users can now control how much sensitive content they see

Jul 20, 2021 - 9:51 PM - by Reverend
Instagram is making it easier for users to control how much sensitive content they see when browsing the app's Explore page.

The social media platform on Tuesday launched a new tool called "Sensitive Content Control," which gives users the option to dial up or down the amount of potentially objectionable content that appears in Explore, the section where the app surfaces posts from accounts users don't follow.

Previously, Instagram had relied on a set of recommendation guidelines to ensure users didn't see potentially upsetting or offensive content in Explore. With the new tool, users can choose to keep the default setting, which is to see a limited amount of sensitive content, or further reduce the amount of such content they are shown. Those over the age of 18 will also have the option to allow any and all posts deemed sensitive in nature.

While Instagram's content moderation policy bans certain types of problematic content, including hate speech and harassment, this new "sensitive content" option relates to posts that some users might take offense to, such as those of a sexual or violent nature, but that don't necessarily violate the app's content rules.

"We recognize that everybody has different preferences for what they want to see in Explore, and this control will give people more choice over what they see," Instagram parent company Facebook said in a release.

This tweak comes as Instagram and other social networks attempt to address concerns about content moderation and the well-being of users. Instagram has recently rolled out the option to hide likes and the ability for users to restrict certain followers from interacting with their accounts. And Facebook is currently battling criticism for failing to prevent the spread of certain other types of... [Read More]
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WhatsApp now lets you join group calls that already started

Jul 20, 2021 - 9:48 PM - by Reverend
In a blog post on Monday, WhatsApp officially announced joinable calls, a feature that allows users to hop onto group calls even if they have already started. If you missed an incoming group call or ignored it, WhatsApp now shows a “Tap to join” banner in the Calls tab to let you quickly join it (as long as the call is still going on). Moreover, users can also drop off and rejoin an ongoing group call, much like Google Meet and Zoom calls.

The incoming call UI for group calls has also been updated. Instead of the red decline button, there’s a new “Ignore” button, and a “Join” button has replaced the green receiving button. The new UI also shows you who has already joined the call and who has been invited but hasn’t joined yet.

Joinable calls with the new calling UI are rolling out to WhatsApp users starting today. Both these improvements are already live in the latest version of WhatsApp beta and will soon be making their way to the stable version.

XDA Developers
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