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Thread: Windows Vista and IE 7.0 privacy statements

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    Windows Vista and IE 7.0 privacy statements

    ActiveWin have posted copies of the Windows Vista and IE 7.0 privacy statements.

    View privacy statements: Windows Vista | IE 7.0

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    How does activation: well as ensuring that Microsoft's customers are receiving the software quality that they expect.
    So I guess by troubling legitimate users with activation issues insures we get the same shitty MS service we're used to?

    Windows Help: Help Improvement Program
    What This Feature Does:

    The Windows Help Improvement Program helps Microsoft identify trends in the way you use Help so that we can improve our search results and the relevancy of our content. We will use this information to improve your future experience with Windows.
    Information Collected, Processed or Transmitted:

    Windows Online Help collects information about your hardware configuration and how you use Windows Help in order to identify trends and usage patterns so that we can improve our service. We do not collect any information that can be used to identify you. If you type such information into the Search box, the information will be captured, but Microsoft will not use it to identify you.
    Basically they are spying on you... how can you capture search box info, without identifying where the info came from.. certainly they have the IP address from which the information was sent...

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