I have had the same homepage on my last four computer (5 years). Now on my new computer running Windows 7 Home (64 bit), and IE8. I am getting an error message that says DONE, BUT WITH ERRORS ON PAGE in the lower left corner.
And when I click on the yellow exclamation mark, I get this message.
Message: Access is denied to: http://www.dollyon-line.com/css/iepngfix.htc
Line: 0
Char: 0
Code: 0
URI: Dolly Parton On-Line
I tried clicking on that compatability icon at the top, but that does not help. The page does look OK, but how do I get rid of that error message ? I already went into Internet Options, Advanced tab - disable script debugging was checked and notification of script errors was unchecked. I have not seen that error on any other sites as yet. Not a big deal as everything does look OK. Any suggestions ?? Thanks