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Thread: XP SP1 latest news

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    XP SP1 latest news

    Windows XP SP1 Release Notes

    Windows XP Service Pack 1 includes bug fixes (over 1700) and product updates released since build 2600 (RTM). The updates include support for USB 2.0 and a supported version of IPv6.

    The SP1 CD will include some eHome components such as support for Tablet PC,Mira and Freestyle.

    The Service Pack package will update both XP Professional and Home editions.
    Windows XP Professional 64-bit edition will also have an SP1 version.
    What is the release schedule?
    Note: dates are always subject to change.

    The XP SP1 beta schedule is at Beta is scheduled to begin May 31, 2002 for English and German. A Japanese version is scheduled for two weeks later;June 14, 2002.

    XP SP1 is scheduled for release (RTW) on August 14, 2002. The English and German versions will be released on August 14th, and other localized language version will be released according to the schedule.

    What does it add to my system?
    USB 2.0
    XP SP1 includes drivers to support USB 2.0 devices. Windows Catalog lists third party hardware that supports USB 2.0 and that are compatible with Windows XP.
    USB 2.0 is an enhancement to USB 1.x and increases maximum transfer rates to 480Mbps.

    Windows XP shipped with a developerís version of IPv6. Microsoft provides no support whatsoever for that version in a production environment. It is for testing and development only.
    SP1 contains an update to IPv6. The SP1 version is supported. If installed,the updated version of IPv6 is listed in the Local Area Connection properties.
    For more information about IPv6 see the Microsoft external site

    SP1 add support in Windows XP for Mira. Mira is the code name for software and hardware technology supporting portable display devices. The primary technologies involved are; Windows XP on the Base Station, CE .NET and 802.11 on the display device.
    For more information about Mira see the external site

    SP1 adds support in Windows XP for Freestyle. Freestyle is the codename for software and hardware technology supporting remote control of the PC. The focus is on remote control of video, audio, photos, and TV from within the PC. For more information about Freestyle see

    Mira and Freestyle are intended for home users, not a corporate environment.

    Tablet PC
    SP1 includes support for Tablet PCs. Major computer vendors are expected to release models in the second half of 2002. For additional information about the Table PC see

    Big thanks to Bink @ for the release details.
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    A very warm welcome to SP1 indeed, but any news on actual improvements going along the lines of "graphics related"?

    Which, if i may be so blunt, is Microsoft's biggest problem/downful at the moment, and has been since Windows 2000!

    C'mon guys, sort it out already, bloody hell

    I want fixed default refresh rates and any other problems related to refresh rates for ALL graphics cards, and i want more support for drivers.

    I would also love to see improvement's to the installation process of Windows XP, but since this is only a Service Pack, and not a release of Windows, we won't see this til Longhorn unfortunately
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    i hope they include lots of new driver support and also there are a few specific bugs i want them to look into.. Like sometimes when you hover an icon, it gives info on what the program is, that menu sometimes gets hidden behind the task bar.. They are not so big bugs, but still should be fixed so Windows XP is all polished and so it gets to a stage like Windows 2000 is now (which is absolutely perfect)
    Lets hope M$ gets it right this time

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